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Soothe your spirit with elegant grace.

The balanced enjoyment of wellness and technology awaits you.


KUNGFU offers nicotine alternatives to cigarettes specially designed to provide a satisfying experience.

KUNGFU is a tobacco heating electronic device that is used together with kuanzhai sticks to bring a smoking experience and satisfaction similar to traditional cigarette.

KUNGFU only heats tobacco instead of burning it, greatly reducing the emission of harmful chemicals and reducing the risk of second-hand smoke.

kuanzhai is tobacco stick specially designed for KUNGFU devices, similar to a cigarette but with a more delicate and compact shape. kuanzhai sticks are heated by KUNGFU devices to release tobacco flavor and nicotine to provide a cigarette-like experience. The process does not burn, and the kuanzhai sticks still have a complete tobacco stick form after use.

With simple steps, you can enjoy the traditional cigarette-like pleasure brought by KUNGFU.

Insert the kuanzhai sticks into the KUNGFU device, and wait for the heating to complete. Then immerse in the calmness and relaxation with KUNGFU and kuanzhai.


No Second-hand Smoke

Unlike cigarettes, KUNGFU only heats and does not burn with no second-hand smoke production.


95% Less Harmful

Experiments prove that KUNGFU produces 95% less harmful chemicals in emissions than cigarettes.*


30% Lower Cost

Comparing to cigarettes, switch to KUNGFU and kuanzhai can reduce your cost by at least 30%.**


No Ash and Lingering Smell

KUNGFU brings purer clouds, no ash and no lingering smell hauntings.

* The percentage refers to the average reduction of the levels of a range of harmful chemicals compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette.
** The calculation is based on the average price of cigarettes in the Czech Republic and the retail price of kuanzhai sticks.

Feature Product

-heating device

KUNGFU MINIS device is equipped with temperature control technology with a delicate design and advanced features for you to enjoy a personalized and pleasurable tobacco experience.

Feature Product

- tobacco sticks

kuanzhai sticks are used with KUNGFU devices, offering an assortment of classic flavors with premium quality for you to choose from. What´s your favorite flavor?

Hot Deal For Your Start!

2 packs of kuanzhai sticks with KUNGFU MINIS at an unbeatable value!

* The offer is valid in KUNGFU stores and retail outlets, valid from now until December 31, 2023.

The Scene

Redefining Convenience And Pleasure

Easy to Use

After switching on, the device reaches the desired temperature in just 10 seconds, with a gentle vibration that enhances your using experience.

Anywhere, any time

Its compact and portable design ensures that you can carry it anywhere with ease by slipping it into your pocket or bag.

Closer to everyone

Whether you are having a conversation with colleagues, enjoying quality time with loved ones, or simply loosening up by yourself, KUNGFU ensures a cleaner and more enjoyable experience.


With less smell and no ash compared to conventional cigarettes, you can enjoy your heated tobacco and leave behind no lingering smell of nicotine and eliminating the hassle of dealing with ash.

Customer Care

Our dedicated customer care team is here to assist you with every step of the way, ensuring your satisfaction and providing prompt and friendly support for any questions or concerns you may have.

24 months warranty

We guarantee you a 24-month warranty period for your device.

We are ready to help

Contact our service care team via online chat or email about KUNGFU products and services.

Quality Guarantee

You can rely on our guarantee for premium quality.

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